Saltamiya is a FGC artist who is drawing every fighting game character in their every outfit!

Her products include:

Homemade Stickers

Hand-cut and Sewn Pillows

Hand-cut and Sewn Shirts


Homemade Buttons

Saltamiya Lore

The lack of merchandise for fan-favorite characters made Saltamiya want to craft her own.

Sewing Pillows

She spent over 2 years coordinating with fabric manufacturers on the softest, highest quality fabrics for her hand-made pillows. Each pillow is cut by hand with scissors and then personally sewn by her with an invisible zipper added. Pillows can even be machine washed full of stuffing!

Sewing Shirts

It took even longer to find the best cotton shirt fabric, with the best printing method that lasts in the wash. Months were spent teaching herself how to sew t-shirts herself!


Making Stickers

Stickers were also a very long trial and error process. By now she has printed over 5000 stickers but not all of them were perfect. Her first batch of stickers would fall apart and be difficult to peel, so she improved her sticker formula to be tough. Each sticker is hand laminated and she gets help from her sticker cutting machine to cut each to shape.
To make up for her first batch of weak stickers, she encourages customers to reach out to her to get replacements.


Booth Displays

CEOtaku 2019


CEO 2019


Defend the North 2019


EVO 2019


Frosty Faustings 2020

Appearances also include:

April Annihilation
Castle Point Anime Convention
Combo Breaker
East Coast Throwdown
Kumite in Texas
Summer Jam
Texas Showdown